Sunday, February 17, 2013


 As a child I was absolutely terrified of the dark until I was about  seven years old at which point I was introduced to real fear, my older sister. I'm no longer afraid of the dark and I do love my sister. I know these things because my sister told me it was so! She also told me that I was being childish to be afraid of the dark at seven years old, as I had her to fear.
 I'm now 63 and I'm still secretly afraid of what's out beyond the light, especially if I don't know where my wonderful older ( and lovley ) sister is.
Seriously though
 Fear of the unknown is a part of self preservation and has served us well through the ages but at 63 I'm afraid again but not of make believe things in the dark. I no longer fear for my life or my safety as I have lived a good and useful life that I hope to continue.
 My true fear is for my country and all of my fellow Americans. I fear most of you do not see the eminent demise of the greatest country in the whole world, through greed and apathy we are loosing America piece by little piece.  Our constitution, bill of rights and amendments there of is absolutely all that stands between us and --------------------shear terror!
 When America has declined to 3rd or 4th rate status it will be to late to save her and no other country will be able to help us and never has. No other country will be able to to protect freedom around the world.
 Where will your children and grand children go and how will they live in the vacuum that the demise of freedom will leave behind.
  Look to the Federalist papers to read the intent and meaning of our constitution, bill of rights and the attached amendments.
 Open your eyes and look for a future that includes our founding documents as a way of life or look to include real fear and terror in yours and your children's lives without them.
 Wake Up !!!! get active, speak up, don't wait for someone else to say or do it. It's your turn to stand up! 

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