Sunday, March 31, 2013


WELL here we are, the election is over and your ( liberal democrat ) party has won. Here we go four more years!
Now let's get this straight, you voted for a man who is a Muslim, was raised among and is a rabid communist who hates Asians, Latinos, Europeans and anything democratic or American. Did I forget to mention that he especially hates your white asses! You think your lives will get better?
So let's take a quick look at what this could do for you and your loved ones.
You will now get what you so richly deserve, poverty, and a hunger that will make your children cry in the cold damp nights. Food and fuel you can no longer afford even if you had a job. You can now wake from the cold damp nights to go in search of enough food for you and your family that isn't rotten or to moldy, but not in a store, you and your family will now dine searching though dumpsters and begging for scraps of food behind restraints reserved only for party officials.
Just think, you won't even have to get dressed in the morning as your will have warren every scrap of your old used and dirty rags in a vain attempt to stave off the the cold of the night. Your family will be much closer now, mostly for body heat.
You no longer need to worry about your health care. The state run health care nurse will issue to you all that they feel is in the state's best interest, wait in line for a state issued aspirin. You your wife and children will most likely die before you reach 50 of malnutrition, pneumonia, influenza or some other disease unless you are a selected party member.
If you are lucky and a party member, The state may issue you a job to work in a state run factory. You will work 12 hourdays 6 days a week without over time pay or any form of health and safety. Forget welfare, social security, your 401K andthe retirement you worked 30 to 40 years for, they won't be there. If you stashed away paper dollars, there again tough luck inflation will have made them worthless. You will be orderd to turn in your gold and silver, and it will be illegal to own after that.
So you think That I don't know what I'm talking about. Then why do we have to send aid to nearly every socialist countryin the wold? Read history, everything that I laid out above happened for real in communist country's around the world!
But don't take my word for it, take a little trip to a democrat run city for the last 60 years, Chicago and or Detroit . Go the new American way, take a bus to go sight seeing around these wonderful hubs of social engineering but don't get off the bus unless it's on fire. Now go on home and wait for your democrat party to bring this socialist utopia to your city or town. Buy a gun with lots of ammo, but don't get cot with it as it will be illegal to own one very soon.
This may take 10 to20 years to get to this point but with your vote, you have just made sure we are on the way!
This once great nation has now started on a downward spiral to a third world status that we may not be able to stop. With your vote you have assured our mutual destruction.// Fortunately I along with most older people now won't live long enough to suffer through this nightmare you have brought upon us, so I will end with this;
It gives me no pleasure to tell you liberals to go F*** yourselves because you just did!

Thursday, March 14, 2013


                              The Prey

  I had awoken in ink black darkness to what I thought was a low growl, yes there it is again and the sound of scraping as though something was being sharpened slowly on a stone to a keen edge then that growl again. each time more sinister. 
 Not knowing where I was and unable to force my mind to think of anything but what had entered into this nightmarish dream state I found myself in. Had it been minutes or hours, had I left a door or window ajar to cool the heavy stagnate air?
 As I lay cowering in the darkness, I'm torn between attempting to glimpse this vicious creature and acting as though I'm dead. I feel as though the slightest quiver of my tensed body may signal the beast to my wakefulness and invite an instantaneous and bloody attack. Is not knowing what is out there in the dark worse? I ever so slowly crack open one eye and I am greeted by a pair vicious looking yellow eyes just feet away, then they are gone. I sense movement and the growl more distinct and lower pitch as in anticipation. Oh  I shouldn't have looked! I tremble at the thought of what awaits. I can feel it's hunger for the attack and it's keen need to  force me into flight as true prey before the kill! I tremble, it moves!
 My perception of time is distorted by my fear of not knowing from where the attack will come. I can now almost see a difference in the shades of blackness, which scares me even more as I feel the attack will come in the early dawn half light in which it can see and I will still be blind. I'm afraid !
 Every fibber of my soul has tensed to the point snapping, I want to run! 
 It happens instantly, I can sense the rush of air over it's fur as it charges at me with the sound of those hideously sharp instruments of death ripping at the carpet. It's so fast! 
 In a feeble attempt to defend myself I feel a surge of adrenalin blast through me as though my blood was on fire. I seize the thin blanket with my trembling fingers and rip it over my head and hold it down tight to the mattress with all I have in me. My God it's all over me, every where at once ripping and tearing. Slowing only to attack again and again. This insidious creature is not in search of food but to satisfy it's blood lust . It hungers only for the kill.
 What has seamed like hours has only been minutes. I dare to think that this thin blanket has staved off the worst of the attacks. I may have been saved along with possibly a small part of my sanity. The creature seams to have spent all of it's  energy and now only prods at the blanket around my head. I slowly and fearfully lower the blanket and the creature slips under the cover and up onto my chest, it seams to purr as it nudges my chin with it's soft nose and falls fast asleep, as I stroke it's soft fur so do I.
 Oh how wonderful, I just love kittens and flights of fantasy don't you. It helps me to survive the unfortunate realities of life in the real world!
                                                                                                                   In honor of Rocket

                              Mr C's lost furry friend