Monday, February 18, 2013

Sunday, February 17, 2013


 As a child I was absolutely terrified of the dark until I was about  seven years old at which point I was introduced to real fear, my older sister. I'm no longer afraid of the dark and I do love my sister. I know these things because my sister told me it was so! She also told me that I was being childish to be afraid of the dark at seven years old, as I had her to fear.
 I'm now 63 and I'm still secretly afraid of what's out beyond the light, especially if I don't know where my wonderful older ( and lovley ) sister is.
Seriously though
 Fear of the unknown is a part of self preservation and has served us well through the ages but at 63 I'm afraid again but not of make believe things in the dark. I no longer fear for my life or my safety as I have lived a good and useful life that I hope to continue.
 My true fear is for my country and all of my fellow Americans. I fear most of you do not see the eminent demise of the greatest country in the whole world, through greed and apathy we are loosing America piece by little piece.  Our constitution, bill of rights and amendments there of is absolutely all that stands between us and --------------------shear terror!
 When America has declined to 3rd or 4th rate status it will be to late to save her and no other country will be able to help us and never has. No other country will be able to to protect freedom around the world.
 Where will your children and grand children go and how will they live in the vacuum that the demise of freedom will leave behind.
  Look to the Federalist papers to read the intent and meaning of our constitution, bill of rights and the attached amendments.
 Open your eyes and look for a future that includes our founding documents as a way of life or look to include real fear and terror in yours and your children's lives without them.
 Wake Up !!!! get active, speak up, don't wait for someone else to say or do it. It's your turn to stand up! 

Thursday, February 7, 2013

My Perception

 The Banking Act of 1933 also known as the Glass - Steagail Act

My perception of this act as I read it and a over simplifacation was to saverly limit the commercial bank securities from becoming  affiliated with securities firms and thus limit the possibility of another 1929 type depression.
 From 1960 it was slowly eroded by the federal banking regulators until around 1999 when it was repealed by the Gramm - Leach - Bliley Act. Bill Clinton declared that Glass - Steagail was no longer appropriate.
( Wikipedia )
 According to rumor, ex-pres.Bush pleaded with Clinton not to sign the repeal. Bush made some mistakes of that there is no doubt. Not the least of which was to sign the democrats bailout bill ( not that he had much choice ) as the democrats would and could over ride Bush for the last two years of his last term.
 In conclusion the facts do not point to Bush but to Clinton and the democrat party. I also understand that no one thing could cause the catastrophic decline we are in by it's self but in my opinion it is a big part of the currant depression.
 Should you find fault to my thinking or wish to add your thoughts, please fell free to do so.

To Life

 There are those who play stupid, you should be aware ( I am not playing )

Saturday, February 2, 2013



The great leader B.H.Obomer will now speak
to His lowly subjects

As of yesterday I have decreed the constitution and bill of rights out dated. I, your great leader have done this for your piece of mind as you really didn't understand it's true meaning anyway.

There will be NO gun control in my free USA as I have decreed that as of yesterday for your protection no one but my private army and guards will be allowed to possess firearms, if you have no guns then I cannot control them.Your great leader is here to protect you and your loved ones in my loving grasp from the evils of guns.


In other news Mr. C. is to announce a new range competition in following with the great leaders new decrees. The new and exciting rock throwing competition:

You will be allowed: 7 rocks in your plastic bucket ( under 1/2 inch in diameter ) to be kept 100 feet behind the throwing line at all times.

You may take only one rock to the throwing line at a time, to be held loosely by your side in a non-threatening manner until you have come to a complete and safe stop at the throwing line.

You may raise your rock to the throwing position when instructed by the range master to make ready.

You will be timed as to how fast you can return to your bucket and get your ***** off or I should say throw all your rocks.

There will be plastic targets but no one really expects you to hit one.

And not to worry everyone will receive the same score so as not to hurt any one's little frail feelings.

Any infraction of the above rules will be a federal felony and punished to the maximum extent of the great leaders decrees.

Mr.C. will be looking forward to a  big turn out!