Thursday, January 31, 2013

Guns & Ammo.

 Thought it was a good time to buy more ammo. and a 9mm carbine. After shopping at three sporting goods and two gun stores I found NO bricks of 22LR at any price, a week ago I found one brick for $34. The price of the few Smi-Auto black rifles and High capacity magazines (I scared myself just saying that) to be found have doubled if not tripled in price.
 If us right wing crazy eyed gun nuts had 300 million guns two weeks ago, it's most likely 350 million by now. I sure wouldn't want to go up against you crazes with all those weapons of mass destruction. I know your type, you squat in dark corners and stare into the night  like wild animals while you polish your killing machines. Whoops! sorry I don't know how I got started on my ex-wife.
 I talked to a few men and a women  who were just stocking up while they still could. I saw two ladies with five boxes of 2-250 Rds. rifle ammo. and about twenty boxes of 50 pistol caliber. They were looking at a list and still shopping when I left. Well no deals today so I'll head for home, on Whidbey Island.

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